Super Star Soldier (スーパースターソルジャー Sūpā Sutā Sorujā) is a scrolling shooter video game developed by Kaneko and originally published by Hudson Soft in 1990 for the Japanese PC Engine and in 1991 for the North American TurboGrafx-16. It is the sequel to Star Soldier, and part of the Star Soldier series by Hudson Soft. According to the company, many people believed Super Star Soldier's graphics were the best of any HuCard game. Although the game was popular in Japan, it received less attention from the rest of the world.

The Mobile version of Super Star Soldier was released on September 3, 2007 in Japan. Konami published it for the Virtual Console on Nintendo's Wii system in North America on November 27, 2006, in Japan on December 2, 2006,and in Europe on December 8, 2006. The game has also been released on the Japanese PlayStation Store on August 19, 2009 and on the North American PlayStation Store on June 3, 2011. It was also released on the Windows Store December 20, 2013 and on Wii U Virtual Console on February 26, 2014, the first being released in Japan only while the Wii U Virtual Console version was released on April 6, 2017 in the United States.


In the beginning of this new era of time and space, the small fighter aircraft, Caesar, was just beginning its fight against the evil Brains in an attempt to restore peace to the world. The mission was a success, and peace was restored. Now, four years later, the evil Brains are planning their next attack. Lead by their evil leader, Mother Brain, the peaceful existence of the world is once again in jeopardy.

However, do not despair all hope is not lost! In anticipation of the Brains's expected counterattack, an improved version of the original Caesar was designed and built and now sits quietly, ready for battle. It is you, Starbuck, that must pilot this new fighting aircraft Neo Caesar into combat! Go now! Hurry to your ship, you are the world's only hope of peace!

Gameplay Edit

The game includes a variety of weapons including flamethrowers, electricity, spread guns and heat-seeking missiles. It consists of eight levels.

Stages and Bosses Edit

Names in italics are unnoficial.

1 Stage 1NooseStar Brain MK II
2 Stage 2-Big Hilder
3 Stage 3-Death Scorpio
4 Stage 4Twin BlastersJumbo Machinder
5 Stage 5-Altai
6 Stage 6Triple ArmKanransha
7 Stage 7Spider Fighternone
8 Stage 8Death Scorpio
Star Brain MK II
Jumbo Machinder
Death Caesar
Mother Brain


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