Star Soldier Vs. DoDonPachi Daioujou: Caravan '06 (スターソルジャー vs 怒首領蜂 大往生 CARAVAN'06) is a vertical-scrolling shooter video game developed for the FOMA 900i Japanese mobile phones in 2006. It is a crossover between Hudson's Star Soldier series and Cave's DonPachi series, featuring elements from both games combined into one.


Star Solder Vs. DoDonPachi Daioujou is a caravan style shooter, with three stages available. You can choose between Star Soldier's Caesar or DoDonPachi's Type-A ships. Being a mobile game, the ships have automatic fire, with the player controlling the ship's movement with the directional buttons and using the "#" and "0" buttons to drop bombs and change the ship's firing mode respectively.

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