Star Soldier R (スターソルジャーR) is a futuristic scrolling shooter video game developed by Hudson Soft, and is the seventh installment in the Star Soldier series. The game features classic Star Soldier gameplay combined with 3D graphics.

Star Soldier R is one of several video games released exclusively as WiiWare through the Wii Shop Channel. It was released with the Japanese launch of WiiWare on March 25, 2008, in North America on May 19, 2008, and in Europe on May 20, 2008 with the European launch of WiiWare.

Story Edit

Star Date 2180

Oberstein's Theory has enabled mankind to travel through space at ultrahigh speeds. Although this technology sparked numerous interplanetary conflicts, humanity had reached the pinnacle of its existence. Without warning, a band of souless war drones appeared from the outer reaches of the Solar System, initiating an attack on mankind. Such brazen aggression spurred the J.F.E. (Joint Forces of Earth) to retaliate. After a grueling battle, humanity narrowly escaped annihilation.

But this battle was simply the prologue of a greater crisis yet to unfold. The enemy's central unit, Core Brain, was closing in from 10 light years away. Residents of Earth were overcome with despair, as they once again faced certain annihilation. With no time to spare, the J.F.E. mounted a prototype model CS-00A recon and assault vessel - known as the "Caesar" - with an Oberstein Unit, rendering it capable of interplanetary travel. A ray of hope for human survival, the Caesar was was launched into space from Base Cleopatra on Earth.

As if responding to the approaching Core Brain, the wreckage of countless enemy war drones received a spark of life. they began to repair themselves, and swarmed the caesar to protect their commanding unit.

Gameplay Edit

Star Soldier R retains classic gameplay features from the Star Soldier series, such as the vertical-scrolling shooter style, three adjustable speeds for the player's ship, and score bonuses once the player has achieved a score of 50,000 and 80,000 points.

Instead of a traditional progressive level structure, the game revolves around time attack-style gameplay, called Caravan mode, with players aiming to score as many points as possible in either two- or five-minute game modes in one of the game's levels. Unlike previous installments in the series, however, there are only two playable levels. Aside from regular scrolling-shooter gameplay, the game also has a Fast Shot mode which measures how quickly the player can press the fire button.

Power-ups Edit

The game has two types of primary power-ups, in the form of red and blue capsules. Red power-up capsules enhance the offensive ability of the player's ship, eventually resulting in a five-way shot. Blue power-ups enhance the ship's "Force," a shield that protects the ship from enemy attacks and can be separated from the ship to attack enemies.

Stages and BossesEdit

Note: Names in italics are unofficial.

1 Stage 1Neo Star Brain
2 Stage 2Core Brain


Trivia Edit

  • If the player presses the A button during the credits, then they can take control of the craft from the first Star Soldier game.

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