Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth (スターソルジャー バニシングアース Sutā Sorujā Banishingu Āsu) is a 1998 shoot 'em up video game developed and published by Hudson Soft (Electro Brain for the North American release) for the Nintendo 64. It is a direct sequel to Soldier Blade and part of their Star Soldier series. A arcade version was released for the Seta's Aleck64 Arcade board, which possessed hardware similar to the Nintendo 64.


In the year 2092 AD, the human race faced a threat to its very existence, at the hands of beings known only as the Zeograd...

But even in the face of the overwhelming Zeograd forces, Earth's defenders, the SIA (Special Interception Air Force) did not consider surrender. Launching a counterattack, they dispatched their finest unit, the F92 Soldier Blade, to the front lines. After punching it's way through to the enemy base of operations, the F92 Soldier Blade succeeded in defeating the leader of the Zeograd forces, the Duoss Core 3.3C - but not without a price. The F92 Soldier Blade was nearly destroyed and rendered inoperable in the fight. However, the SIA retrieved the F92 Soldier Blade's black box and returned with it to Earth, in order to study the combat data recorded there.

Peace returned once more to the Earth...

However, even though the Duoss Core 3.3C and its army had been defeated, the threat from the Zeograd was far from over... Indeed, an awful truth lay concealed within the black box: the Zeograd were not simply an alien race - they were a society of highly advanced sentient machines!

Preparing for another attack by the Zeograd, the SIA used the data recovered from the F92 Soldier Blade battle records to build three new fighters, dubbed the F98 Series.

The year is 2098, and the Zeograd have launched their second attack on the human race... Can the SIA stop them once again?


Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth brings back most of the staple gameplay systems from previous titles back, with some changes and additions. Players can now pick up between three different ships, each of its own strengths and weaknesses. This games ditches the ability of swapping weapons during gameplay, as weapon types are now tied to each ship. Aside of the main weapon and smart bombs (here called Ex-Arms), the ships also have a new Rolling maneuver, a defensive move which makes the ship briefly invincible and deflects enemy bullets.


Missions and BossesEdit

Normal Game
1 Rumbling Duoss Core Ver. 3.3c
2 Corrosion Death Integrate
EX1 Destruction Banded Hell
3 Invaded Dark Force
EX2 Scars Dogue Veyhaven
4 Pursuit Intruder
EX3 ReminiscenceStar Brain MK IIIBig Star Brain Maxima
5 Terrible Folken
6 StrongholdDevain DeviceDuoss Core Ver. 9.8
7 The Earth Duoss Core Complete
Caravan Mode
EX Caravan StageDuoss Core Ver. 3.3cDogue Veyhaven




  • Most of the enemies in the game are named after bladed weapons.
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