Star Force (スターフォース) is a vertical shoot 'em up game originally developed by Tecmo (known as Tehkan at the time) for Arcades in 1984. The game was later ported by Hudson Soft in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Though technically not part of the Star Soldier series, Star Force was the first game used by Hudson for their Hudson All-Japan Caravan Festival event and served as the base for the original Star Soldier. Hudson later included the game in Caravan Shooting Collection for the Super Famicom and Hudson Best Collection Vol. 5: Shooting Collection for the Game Boy Advance. Tecmo themselves would make their own sequels later.


In the year 2010 of Dimension Almanac, there was a mysterious planet named Gordess which was moving in the darkness of the cosmos for the purpose of mass murder and plunder. Everyone gave up fighting against Gordess because of its awesome power. One day a brave soldier riding a space patroller challenged Gordess to fight. People called this space patroller "Final Star", wishing to be saved. You must bring an end to the murders which have been committes for the past 2000 years.


Star Force is a simple vertical shooter. The Final Star only have a frontal gun which fires beams that hits both enemies and ground targets. The only available upgrade is the Purser, a small attachment to the ship which raises its fire ratio.

The game is divided in 24 areas, each named after a letter of the Greek alphabet. At the end of each level is a Alpha Target, which acts as a end of level boss and is represented by the level's Greek letter. Failing to destroy it will force the player to replay the current stage. While the game loops infinitely in the Arcade version, in the NES version you get a brief ending after completing the last stage.


Ground TargetsEdit


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