Paro Caesar is one of the three playable ships from Star Parodier. Based on the Caesar from Star Soldier, it is the game's most balanced ship, having good offense and defense as well as good spread capabilities. It was born on 13/06/1986 (same date as the Japanese release of the nes version of Star Soldier).


Standard WeaponsEdit

RedChip Multi Beam The ship's standard weapon, it fires in up to five directions much like the original Caesar. ParoCaesarMultiBeam
BlueChip Laser Shoots a laser forwards and energy waves to the sides. ParoCaesarLaser
YellowChip Full Fire Shoots energy blobs forward which detonate on impact, releasing bullets to the sides and downwards. ParoCaesarFullFire

Secondary WeaponsEdit

HStar Homing Missile Shoots missiles which track down enemies. ParoCaesarHomingMissile
SStar Shield Creates two orbs which rotate around the ship, protecting it from damage. ParoCaesarShield
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