The Neo Caesar (ネロシーザー) is the player's ship from Super Star Soldier. It is a new model space fighter made as an improvement to the original Caesar, containing more weapons and firepower than the previous model. It is piloted by the Starbuck.


Primary weaponsEdit

RedIcon Multi-Shot The ship's standard weapon, it is able to fire in various directions. Powering it up makes it shoot in two, three, four and five diections consecutively. NeoCaesarMultiShot
BlueIcon Ring Laser Fires powerful rings which expand as they travel forward. Powering it up makes it shoot rings forward and back, two rings forward, two forward and two to the sides, and four rings forward consecutively. NeoCaesarRingLaser
GreenIcon Spread Laser Fires a continuous lightning bolt in three directions. Powering it up makes it fire longer beams, raising it's range. NeoCaesarSpreadLaser
YellowIcon Swing Fire Fires a stream of fire which swing left and right in front of the ship. Powering it up makes it fire two streams and raises it's range. NeoCaesarSwingFire

Secondary weaponsEdit

OptionIcon Defense Option Attaches two options to the sides of the ship which abosrb enemy fire. Pressing the second button rotates them to change their position. Powering it up makes the options rotate automatically. NeoCaesarOption
MissileIcon Homing Missile Shoots homing missiles which track down enemies. Powering it up raises the missiles speed. NeoCaesarMissile
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