Hudson Selection Vol. 2: Star Soldier is a shoot 'em up game developed by Sting and released by Hudson Soft in November 2003 for the Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube and later ported to the PlayStation Portable in July 2005. This game is a remake of the original Star Soldier, featuring new ships, stages and bosses.


The PS2 and GameCube versions only feature the Caesar, while the PSP version gives three selectable ships, plus an unlockable one.

Stages and BossesEdit

NOTE: All boss names are unofficial.

1 Stage 1Star Brain Kai
2 Stage 2Guard Fortress
3 Stage 3Red Crab
4 Stage 4Green Ship
5 Stage 5Black Bird
6 Stage 6Purple Jet
7 Stage 7Blue Brain
8 Stage 8Gold Crab
9 Stage 9Lazaro Brain
10 Stage 10Central Brain


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