The Hudson All-Japan Caravan Festival was a gaming event held by Hudson Soft yearly from 1985 until the company's closure in 2007. Sponsored by Takahashi Meijin himself, the event involved a caravan tour which made a stop around major cities of Japan, where players were able to play Hudson's latest releases, buy merchandise and meet with Takahashi Mejin himself, as well as join the caravan tour to partake in a gaming competition for various prizes.

Yearly from 1985 to 1997, the caravan event held the gaming competition, with each year focusing on one particular Hudson title, with most years up to 1992 focusing on Hudson's shoot 'em up games from the Star Soldier series. For this reason quite a few of these titles include 2 minutes and 5 minutes Caravan modes for players to practice. Later titles had special edition Caravan releases made specifically for the competitions.

Between 1993 and 1997 the event shifted focus to games from the Bomberman series, with all remaining years up to 2000 hosting card game competitions. While Hudson continued to host the caravan event until its eventual bankruptcy, the gaming competitions were phased out definitely in 2000, with one last surprise competition being held in 2006.

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