Final Star Force (ファイナル・スターフォース) is a shoot 'em up game released by Tecmo in 1992 for Arcades, never receiving any ports. It is the third and last game in their Star Force series.


A millennia ago, a mysterious force known as Gordess perished in a long battle. However, Gordess has been brought back to life by a race of aliens known as the Borign and is now in the process of ravaging the Earth. Two space ships - the Blue Nova and the Red Nova - are sent to fight the Borign forces and destroy Gordess.


Final Star Force plays much like the original game, featuring a system that automatically powers up after a certain period of time, with smart bombs being added for the first time. Two-player cooperative play is also possible, with 1P operating the Blue Nova and 2P operating the Red Nova.

Stages and BossesEdit

1 Encounter
2 Emergency
3 Orbit Lift
4 Above All
5 On the Moon
6 Counterattack
7 Wind Pipe
8 Decision
9 Home! Home!none
10 Final ForceGordess
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