F92 Soldier Blade is the player's ship from Soldier Blade.


The F92 Soldier Blade is a space fighter designed by John Howard for the purpose of fending off alien invasions, equipped with a miniature Bias Drive which gives it warping capabilities and a Gunbody Option which gives it support fire. It is piloted by Sho Kazamori.


Primary weaponsEdit

RedShell Cluster The ship's standard weapon, it is able to fire in up to five directions consecutively. SoldierBladeCluster
BlueShell Laser Fires a piercing laser forward. Upon powering it up it fires two additional lasers to the sides and becomes stronger. SoldierBladeLaser
GreenShell Wave Fires energy waves which follow the ship's movement. Fires additional waves after being powered up. SoldierBladeWave

Bomb weaponsEdit

RedShell Heat Trace Launches the Gunbody Option at the closest enemy. SoldierBladeTrace
BlueShell Sweeper Blade Fires a powerful laser beam forward. SoldierBladeSweeper
GreenShell Chase Blaster Energizes the Gunbody Option, which then tracks down enemies and deals constant damage. SoldierBladeBlaster


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