Dryad is the player ship from Final Soldier.


Built in conjunction between various scientific academies, the Dryad is a powerful spatiotemporal spacefighter, capable of wielding several weapon loadouts as well as warping in time, being built specifically for the task of pursuing and destroying the Gader'el Forces.


VIcon Vulcan Shot The Dryad's standard weapon, shoots in one, three and five directions consecutively. DryadVulcan
BIcon Option Bomb Adds a supporting drone for a maximum of two at a time. Can be detonated to hit all enemies on the screen. DryadBomb
LIcon Short Laser Shoots small, fast laser bullets forward, up to three consecutively. DryadShort
Spear Laser Shoots a thick, piercing laser beam forward. DryadSpear
Bubble Laser Spreads slow moving bubbles in all directions. DryadBubble
EIcon V-Shot Shoots small energy crescents in a V pattern, both to the front and back of the ship. DryadVshot
Wiper Shot Shoots energy crescents to the front and back of the ship which follow the ship's movement. DryadWiper
Spin Shot Shoots spinning energy crescents to the front and back of the ship. DryadSpin
FIcon Flare Shoots streams of fire forward, swepping the front of the ship once fully powered. DryadFlare
Burner Shoots flame blasts forward and diagonally. DryadBurner
Sol Shoots small fireballs forward which detonate after a certain distance. DryadSol
MIcon Front Missile Shoots missiles straight forward. DryadFront
Homing Missile Shoots missiles which track down enemies. DryadHoming
Back Missile Shoots missiles to the back of the ship. DryadBack
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