Bomberman is one of the three playable ships from Star Parodier. Based on the titular hero from the Bomberman series, it is mostly focused on raw firepower, having the strongest weapons in the game but lacking in defense and spread capabilities. It was born on 20/12/1985 (same date as the Japanese release of the NES Bomberman game).


Standard WeaponsEdit

RedFire Multi Beam The ship's standard weapon, it fires straight forward and to the back of the ship. BombermanMultiBeam
BlueFire Crash Bomb Shoots a series of bombs in an arc to the front of the ship. The bombs detonate upon impact, causing massive damage. BombermanCrashBomb
YellowFire Balloon Bomber Shoots a series of red balloons which slowly float upwards and explode on impact. BombermanBalloonBomber

Secondary WeaponsEdit

OStar Option Summons small Bombermen which follow the ship's movement and give support fire, for up to three at a time. BombermanOption
SStar Shield Creates a force field around the ship, protecting it from damage. BombermanShield
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